Graphene may be used for 1,000GHz chips

Graphene might be the next material of choice for making processor chips, according to an MIT report. In fact, Graphene, a substance discovered in 2004 that consists of pure carbon, could allow for faster speeds than ever thought possible.

The current research shows that a frequency multiplier could be created, which works to double a signal and likewise doubles a processor's clocking speed. Color me impressed! This idea is not new, but it is certainly new when applied to Graphene, which possesses only an atom's thickness.

So, what's so exciting about this? Well, Graphene chips could make for processors that run between 500GHz and 1,000GHz. That's quite a leap from the current 5GHz chips, wouldn't you say? We should see a commercial version of this technology within two years, according to MIT.

[via PC Pro]