Grant Fidelity unleashes Reference Tube CD-1000

Audiophiles really into the sound quality of their music often like the sound that you get from an amp that uses vacuum tubes. A very expensive CD player system from Grant Fidelity has debuted that may be just what the audiophile is looking for.

The system is called the CD-1000 Impression II and features a tube and solid state circuit design with tube analog output, a tube headphone amp, and a CD player. The system has a separated left and right channel with 2x BB PCM1794 D/A converting IC chip and a 10x OPA2604 / OPA 604 for converting and filtering.

The CD drive used in the system is from Sanyo and is the DA11VZ unit with Nikon high grade capacitors. The unbalanced output of the system is from a set of vacuum tubes and the system has coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, and EL84 headphone outputs. The CD player measures 17" W x 14" D x 7" H and weighs 50 pounds. The CD-1000 system retails for $3,200 and can be clad in stainless steel for an additional $380.