Grand Theft Auto 5 comes to life in accurate recreation

Is this a case of art imitating life, or life imitating art imitating life? Who knows, but it sure is cool to watch. YouTube channel CorridorDigital has created a video that depicts a highly accurate re-creation of Grand Theft Auto 5, the open-world game that lets players live the life of a criminal, in the real world. You might think, "how hard is it to act out a game that is heavily based on the real world in the first place?" Well, the "acting out" part might be easy, but it's the camera magic that really makes this video work.

CorridorDigital's 3-minute video take us through a number of environments that resemble GTA5's Los Angeles. Notice the location names appearing in the lower right as the character moves around. The footage itself is smooth, with the camera maintaining the exact distance from the character that players experience in the game.

There, now that you've seen it, did you notice the way the camera swoops around to the back of the car that the character steals? He gets in and drives off, all without a single cut.

The simple special effects, like the money being picked up after it spontaneously flies out of someone shot or punched, are clever too. CorridorDigital shared a making-of video too, revealing some their techniques to maintaining that accuracy to the game.

SOURCE CorridorDigital/YouTube

VIA Eurogamer