Gran Turismo 5 Delayed Until Holiday Season

Evan Selleck - Oct 13, 2010
Gran Turismo 5 Delayed Until Holiday Season

Up until today, fans of the prodigal racing series Gran Turismo were expecting to get their hands on the 5th installment in the series on November 2nd. But, it looks like that’s not going to happen. Unfortunately, one of the most delayed games in history has been, yet again, delayed. And much like all of the delays in the past, the publisher of the title isn’t providing an exact date as to when customers can expect the title to show up.

In an announcement made on the PlayStation Blog, both in the United States and Japan, it has been confirmed that the release for Gran Turismo 5 has been pushed back yet again, this time falling into a “holiday season” release. According to the PlayStation Blog, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the whole team at Polyphony Digital are trying their best to make the best racing game they can, and that’s why the title has been delayed yet again.

There are already rumors floating around as to what the “real” reason is, for the delay. Some suggest that Kazunori Yamauchi and the team are adding more features to the title, or even just one more. To make matters worse, it’s being suggested that the “holiday season” could entail that the title doesn’t make a release date until January of next year. Bad news all around, especially those who have been eagerly anticipating the game. According to Sony, there are more details coming soon.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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