Grado GT220, its first true wireless earbuds model, is made for audiophiles

Premium audio company Grado has finally entered the true wireless earbuds market with its GT220, a pair of cable-free earbuds that are promised to offer Grado's 'signature sound' in a tiny wireless package. As with other true wireless headphones on the market, the GT220 earbuds feature two individual earpieces that nestle within a charging case, the combination of which offers around 36 hours of playback before needing to be recharged.

Grado is a favorite among audiophiles and music enthusiasts; it is most notable for its line of reference headphones and Prestige series. The days of wearing over-ear headphones in public are over, however, and many consumers are gravitating to true wireless earbuds as their preferred daily listening device. This has caused a spike in the number of cable-free earbuds in the increasingly crowded market.

Grado is finally one of the companies offering this type of listening experience, with it noting that it has spent years developing the GT220. 'We didn't want to rush the process,' the company explains, stating that its new model offers the notable 'vocality and depth' despite its tiny size. In describing the type of audio experience consumers can expect from the GT220, Grado states on its website:

The midrange response is neutral and musical without any coloration, while the bass is definitive with excellent extension. The high-frequency response is natural without any stridency. No matter the size, we give all our drivers an equal amount of love. We spent as much time as needed tuning and fitting our signature mini-drivers for these TWS headphones.

The GT220 includes all of the features consumers have come to expect from true wireless headphones, including the ability to charge the earpieces multiple times using the charging case, USB-C charging (plus there's wireless charging), touch-based controls on the earpieces including volume control, built-in microphones for access to calls and voice assistants, and the inclusion of multiple ear tips.

The GT220 are available to preorder now for $259 USD; shipping is expected to start on October 15.