GPS Jammer - For those on the run

I'm not really the paranoid type. I know that I'm not important enough for anyone to try and track me down. However, if you're some sort of big-shot and have something to hide, you might like this next gadget that will keep you off of the radar.

The GPS Jammer looks like a simple device that you just plug into your cigarette lighter in your car. Much better than the one we saw before. It jams any signal that broadcasts within the 1450Mhz to 1600Mhz range. That should cover a GPS signal. It'll cover an area between 2 to 4 meters, which is enough to prevent any possible tracking devices that may be attached to your vehicle.

The GPS Jammer isn't currently available, and there is no pricing information yet. The company is promising a launch very soon.

GPS jammer against tracking devices [via navigadget]