GPS Angel V4 is perfect for drivers with a lead foot

There are lots of drivers on the road that like to speed around and are always in a hurry. The catch is that this type of driver often ends up getting lots of tickets. If you are the lead foot type, you can get the new GPS Angel V4 Red Light Camera and Speed Camera warning system.

The device is cordless and has an internal rechargeable battery so it can sit on your dash with no wires needed. Inside the round device is a SiRF Star III GPS satellite antenna that tracks the cars position and warns the driver of speed cameras and red light cameras in their area.

It compares the GPS coordinates of the car to its internal database of 6,000 known camera locations around the country. The database is updated by connecting the device to your PC via USB. You can also set up alerts that will tell you when you are exceeding the speed limit in any area like a school zone or park. The V4 is available now for $129.