Gorilla undergoes surgery for broken jaw at human hospital

A gorilla named Motuba that lives at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo got into a fight sometime last week and ended up with a broken jaw. Motuba is a 27-year-old silverback gorilla and zoo officials believe that Motuba likely got in a fight with the younger gorilla seeking a more dominant position in the tribe. No one witnessed the fight.

However, the result of the fight was that Motuba had a broken jaw with several of his teeth sticking out. The zoo had to take the guerrilla to Nebraska Medical Center for a CT scan and surgery. Injury to the gorilla wasn't life threatening, but unlike people, guerrillas can't simply have reconstructive surgery performed.

The medical center removed the portion of the guerrilla's jaw that was broken along with the teeth. Motuba will be kept off display until he has completed healing and will eat a special soft diet. Two officials will watch the gorilla as he is introduced back to the display with the other male gorillas to see how they react to his return.

[via Washington Post]