Gorilla Glass DX and DX+ will protect and enhance your mobile photography

Dedicated digital cameras are largely a thing of the past — no one needs to carry around a point-and-shoot camera when they can simply whip out their smartphone and take all the images they want. There is a downside, however, which is that your phone is heavily used in ways your old digital camera likely wasn't and that means one big issue: scratches on the camera lens.

Once your phone's camera lens is scratched, it's pretty much game over for your mobile photography ambitions until you get the lens replaced. This process often involves dissecting the entire phone and, depending on the model, can be quite expensive, leaving many to accept their fate and take slightly less clear images instead.

Corning is here with a different solution in the form of new glass composites called Gorilla Glass with DX and Gorilla Glass with DX+. Both glass options are designed for use with camera lenses found on smartphones, boosting their durability and scratch resistance while offering what Corning calls "advanced optical performance."

Traditionally speaking, camera lenses feature coatings that reduce glares while improving light transmission. This results in higher-quality images, but with the downside that the lenses are more vulnerable to scratches.

Corning says its new Gorilla Glass composites offer the best of both worlds by improving the optical performance while also making the lenses durable. Samsung will be the first company to add Gorilla Glass DX to its mobile phone cameras, according to Corning, though we'll likely see the same composites offered on high-end phones from other manufacturers in the relatively near future, as well.