Google’s Seoul Office Raided by Police

Evan Selleck - Aug 10, 2010
Google’s Seoul Office Raided by Police

Whether or not Google is having a good week in the eyes of the media is anyone’s guess at this point, but this one will definitely get a check-mark in the “no” category. According to Reuters, the search giant is getting in even more trouble due to their whole “collecting WiFi” debacle. Back in May, the FTC was actually called on to investigate Google, based on the claims that the company was snagging WiFi information while they went around taking photographs for their Street View. And now the allegations are back, but this time in South Korea.

The report says that the Seoul, South Korea office was raided by police earlier today (a lot earlier). Apparently, the Korean National Police has been investigating Google Korea LLC based on the suspicions of unauthorized collection and storage of data on unspecified Internet users from WiFI networks. Google, in their defense, has been collecting data and images for their Street View Maps feature, since late last year. However, obviously their collections raised plenty of red flags to get their office raided

As of this writing, Google hasn’t commented on anything pertaining to the raid in Seoul, but we’re thinking that will change soon enough. While the FTC and other European governments also partake in their own investigations of Google, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the data that Google is supposedly collecting.

[via Reuters]

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