Google's search loss is Yahoo's gain

We know you 'Google it' when you're not sure what's going on, or you need an answer you just can't find. We do it, too. Everyone does it. What nobody seems to do is 'Yahoo it', but that seems to be changing. In the last month, Google has given up a full 4% of search traffic, their largest slip-up since 2009. Google still hold sway, with literally three-fourths of the overall search traffic, but Yahoo picked up where Google left off.

That 4% loss by Google was literally Yahoo's gain, too. The 4.1% drop by Google — down to 75.2% of search traffic from 79.3% a month ago — gave Yahoo a 3% uptick. They're now commanding 10.4% of search traffic, compared to 7.4% last month.

Yahoo's gain is likely due to their new relationship with Mozilla, where they've replaced Google as the default search provider for Firefox. Yahoo may not be stopping there, either. The company is continually pushing for more partnerships, even trying in earnest to get hold of that sweet, sweet search for iOS devices in a deal with Apple.

There's obviously no cause for concern at Google HQ. They still command a lion's share of search, but the end game isn't bragging rights, it's ad revenue. By sniping 3% of search traffic from Google, Yahoo now has a 3% better chance at monetization.

Source: Bloomberg