Google's Programming Language "Go" Hits Version 1 Milestone

As if there weren't enough languages to deal with, Google just had to go and create another. Conceived back in November 2009, the project was designed to create an open source programming language, and now Google say the project has reached a major milestone: version one, or "Go 1" for short. So far over 200 contributors have made thousands of changes to the code and documentation.

Go 1 is the first release of the language that is available in binary distributions for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. Google say that Go 1 is "is a consistent, portable, dependable base upon which to build programs, projects, and businesses."

What makes Go 1 different from other programming languages? According to Google, Go 1 has a "dynamic and lightweight feel," with the benefit of being efficient while also having "the productivity and quick turnaround of a scripting language."

Go is designed to work with with the Google App Engine that is available to developers, and Go 1 is now the standard runtime. Go apps can be tested locally with a development server, which can also automatically compile your code with a quick browser refresh. Google have put together a detailed FAQ about Go 1 here, and more information about the language can be at