Google's Motorola deal expects EU approval next week

Google's bid to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion is set to be approved by the US Department of Justice next week and now insiders claim that the merger will also get the green light in Europe. The European Commission will reportedly approve the deal in "unconditional" form, determining that the acquisition is not anti-competitive.

Both the US DOJ and EC are expected to make their final approvals on Monday, February 13, after which the deal must still seek approval in China, Israel, and Taiwan. It's possible that the Commission will decide to hold off on approval to open an in-depth investigation, but this is believed to be unlikely.

Google has promised that the massive trove of patents it would acquire from the Motorola deal would be licensed on fair and reasonable terms. It has placed a cap on the fees it would charge at 2.25 percent of the net selling price of each infringing device and has also outlined the conditions under which it would launch patent suits against infringing companies.

[via Reuters]