Google’s latest AR feature lets you virtually try on makeup

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 18, 2020, 6:14pm CST
Google’s latest AR feature lets you virtually try on makeup

Shopping online for certain products is still tricky if you don’t already know what you want, but we’re increasingly seeing the use of technologies in ways that make things easier. The latest example is Google’s latest AR feature, which enables users to virtually try on makeup from select brands to see how it looks.

The new feature has arrived in the Google app for users in the US; it covers products from many brands, including MAC Cosmetics and L’Oreal. Users who search for specific supported makeup products will be able to see them on faces with different skin tones to evaluate how they look.

Those who want to take their online browsing a step farther can virtually try on the products as an AR experience using their phone’s camera, as well. To do this, Google notes that users can tap the ‘Try it on’ button in the product’s Google Search info panel to pull up the tool.

The tool includes the ability to swipe through different shades offered by the companies, as well as a link to shop for the products. Google notes that users will also now see recommendations for clothing, beauty, and home & garden products in their Google app discover feed and in Google Shopping.

Professionals have been tapped to provide information on products you may come across, according to Google, a feature launched with the Shoploop team. The features are available now, but you’ll need to use the Google app on mobile devices to access them.

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