Google's Eric Schmidt envisions Google TV on majority of new TVs by summer of 2012

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has become the unofficial chief bearer of good news for his company at the LeWeb Conference in France this year, in his onstage interview just today. Known for lofty predictions (such as his anticipations for self-driving cars and semantic search engines) when he speaks at conferences, Schmidt spoke about his big plans for Google TV, which he believes will embedded in the majority of new television sets by the summer of 2012. That's quite a prediction to make, even for the Google Chairman, especially since not much ground has been broken by Google TV, at least at the moment.

"By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded in it," Schmidt said onstage at the LeWeb conference, although the optimistic claim seems to contradict the current standing of Google TV, which isn't something users rave about these days, has faltering reported sales numbers, and stands to face with rising competition in the television entertainment industry, possibly from Apple, just to name one company.

When asked about the comparative quality of Android apps versus iOS apps, Schmidt said that the Android Market was on the verge of overtaking that of Apple's App Store, saying that Android could possibly become the first-choice mobile platform to develop for in due time. These are all some lofty claims, and we hope that Google, with Eric Schmidt's visions, will succeed in them.

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