Google's Android platform is a favorite among bathroom phone users

Do you occasionally use your phone while you're doing your business? If you said "yes," then statistically you are more likely to own an Android phone than a Blackberry or iPhone. That is, at least, if you believe a new report that was just released from marketing agency 11mark. The results are anything but a wash. Oh, so many puns, so little time.

The, shall we say unique, survey asked respondents whether or not they have tended to take their handsets out of the pocket while on the john. Surprisingly, there was no real gender gap. 74% of men and 76% of women said they had. But when the results were broken into smartphone brand, the data were a bit more conclusive. Android was the clear "winner."

87% of survey takers with an Android phone admitted to using their phone while on the can, compared to 84% of Blackberry users. And as for the ever classy iPhone users, only 77% admitted to the same habit. As far as what they're doing on the phone during that time, 75% of Blackberry users said they've taken a call while taking a...well, you get the idea. Only 67% of Android users and 60% of iPhone users talked on the phone from the bathroom. The rest were probably just texting or playing Words With Friends. Or checking the SlashGear app, of course. Let's just hope they all washed their hands.

[via MSNBC]