Google YouTube Capture app for iOS gets quiet but rich upgrade

Google today has quietly rolled out some big new features to its iOS-only YouTube Capture app. The changes include clipping, soundtracking, and iTunes Library integration for the soundtracking. SlashGear's Vincent Nguyen supplies some in-app screen captures here for your perusal after the jump.

The app appears to be running well enough (despite one weight-induced crash), and some additional whistles and bells make the app that much more useful for making and publishing movies in one smooth process. It reminds you to rotate your device for landscape mode (because movies look better that way) and prompts you to edit and share your movies. You can also add existing movies from your iPhone library.

The older features are all still there, including prompt to upload via Wi-Fi only, to save on data usage. You can choose the quality level and size as well, depending on your needs. You can also view each clip separately within the app and spot-trim it for length. Sharing to your various social networks and the upload meter are still there too.

Overall the interface appears to be smooth and intuitive. To our knowledge, Google has made no official announcement about this major set of changes. Perhaps the reticence is due to sheepishness about the app still not being available for Android, some slyly withheld plans for an Android app (please?), but either way we think Google should be proud about today's upgrade.