Google WiFi adds device performance network testing feature

Google WiFi, the company's mesh networking product, has been updated with a new feature that enables it to monitor how each device on the network is performing. Google announced the feature today, explaining that it helps users figure out where the issue in their setup is located. The user may, for example, discover that they need to move one of their Google WiFi access points closer to the device.

The new feature is part of the Network Check technology; with it, users can take a peek at how any given device on their network is performing. In the absence of a feature like this, Google says WiFi issues can be "a bit of a black box to troubleshoot."

Google WiFi owners already had the ability to check their Internet connection speed, as well as the quality of the network between the access points. However, figuring out why a device may be experiencing issues is tricky, so that's where the new feature comes in.

According to Google, its Google WiFi users have an average of 18 devices connected on each network. With the updated Network Check, the user can figure out if one (or more) of those devices needs moved closer to an access point — or if the access point itself needs moved closer to a certain area within the home or office.

Google will push out the new feature in "coming weeks" to Google WiFi users around the globe. Once it arrives, users will find it directly within the WiFi app.