Google Voice update offers more control over anonymous calls

Google released an update today for its Google Voice online calling and voice message management service that will help you better control the calls you receive. It recently integrated Google+ with the service so that you could customize the answering rules for your different Groups and Circles. Now, they are extending that customization to calls you receive from people not already in your address book and anonymous calls.

In case you're not familiar, the Google Voice service lets you sign up for a free phone number that you can use as your universal contact number that acts as an online PBX, centralizing all your voice messages and forwarding incoming calls to the mobile devices you assign.

With the update today, Google Voice is adding two new groups of callers. The first is for the people already in your address book and lets you customize the experience for those callers. It also lets you screen anyone that's not yet in your address book. The second is for anonymous callers, or those who are without a caller ID.

[via Google Voice Blog]