Google Voice update broke audio features for some users

A Google Voice update released earlier this month appears to have caused certain audio-related features to malfunction. News of the problem has surfaced primarily from the Google Product Forums, where an increasing number of Google Voice users report an inability to use Bluetooth audio headsets and choose which speaker the call audio will be delivered through.

The problems apparently started following the Google Voice update released on April 1. According to some users, the app now outputs call audio through the device's speakerphone even if they don't select that option; other users say the app may put the audio through the phone's earpiece even if they choose the speaker option.

As well, some users say they can no longer output the call audio to a Bluetooth device, such as a wireless earpiece, headset, or speaker. At least one user has claimed the issues disappeared when they reverted back to the older Google Voice app version released in March.

The update also appears to have messed with app stability for some users; there are reports of it spontaneously crashing, while others say they're simply not able to launch the app at all. The problems aren't universal, however, with a number of users reporting no issues following the April 1 update.

In response to posts about the audio problems, Google has stated on its product forums that the issues are the result of a 'known bug' and that it is working on fixing the problem. It's unclear how long it will take the company to release the bug fix, but it likely won't be too long given the company's relatively prompt response.