Google Voice unveils new service that allows users to keep existing phone number

Google Voice has been available in beta form for a while now and users can get access to the service by requesting an invite from Google or getting an invite from existing Google Voice users. The catch to the service was that the user had to use a new phone number for the features of GV to work. Google announced a new service for Google Voice that allows users to keep their existing number.

The new service gives up a few of the features that the full GV version offers, but keeps those that are most important to most users. When keeping your existing number, you can still get voice mail features like a central mail box that stores unlimited messages, translates messages to text, and can send those messages to your via texts if desired.

The coolest feature is that you can make custom voice mail greetings for every number that calls you if you like. The service forwards unanswered calls to the Google Voice servers. Google says that since wireless carriers still charge for forwarded calls they won't have issues with the new service. It sounds cool; let us know if you use it.