Google Voice Opens to the Public

It's been just over a year since Google Voice launched. Back then, it was just a preview (or, Beta, if you prefer), in which you'd actually need to get an invite to participate in the service. You'd get one phone number that could ring all of your other devices, or just one device in particular, based on your preferences. You also got free voice calls, and text messages, to the US and Canada, low-priced international calling, and voicemail that "works like email." Basically, a bunch of goodies. And now, today, Google has officially pulled the "preview" off their Google Voice service, and opened it for everyone else.

Google is saying that there's over one million users utilizing Google Voice right now, already. And considering the fact that Voice is far more widely adopted, used, and cherished than other services like, say, Google Wave, we can assume that that one million users is about to jump up significantly.

All you need to do is head on over to Google Voice's website, and sign up. Follow the simple instructions, and then you'll get your new phone number all set up. It's a lot easier than it probably needs to be, but that's something that Google's probably proud of. We're huge fans of Google Voice 'round these parts, and if you haven't tried it out for yourself, we suggest you give it a shot. Check out the video below to get caught up on what Google Voice is.

[via Google Voice Blog]