Google Voice, Hangouts get SMS/MMS, Verizon support

Still using google Voice? There's good news today, especially if you are on Verizon, or regularly chat with someone who is. An update to Voice adds native MMS support on Verizon, bringing MMS to all four major carriers in the US. Additionally, Voice is also getting native MMS support for photo messaging, so you can send and receive messages from anywhere, via any carrier. Though we're not out of the multiple-platform woods yet, an update to Voice does have some cross-app functionality.

Those who use Voice in Hangouts will be allowed to attach any picture to an SMS message, which will delivered as an MMS message on the back-end. Previously, users would see an SMS message with a link to the picture.

The move takes Voice one step closer to integration with Hangouts, which is still believed to be the goal for Google's varied messaging platforms. The MMS/SMS update blurs the lines a bit between the two a bit further than it did with Hangouts' voice capabilities.

Now that Google has cracked the code and can fully support messaging via the nation's largest carrier, it shouldn't be too long before we see another (maybe final) round of updates drawing Voice and Hangouts closer together.

Google Voice is available for free via the App Store or Google Play. If you're inclined, Hangouts is also available via those two app portals, and is also free to use.

Source: Google