Google Verse by Verse tool helps the public create poems like pros

Google has another experimental tool that anyone can access and it's called 'Verse by Verse.' The new tool enables anyone to generate poems in the style of famous poets with the help of artificial intelligence. Verse by Verse involves input from both human and machine to make the final poem, one that may be less than sensical depending on how heavily you rely on the AI's suggestions.

Poetry is deceptively difficult, making it hard to nail the exact style or flow you were hoping to achieve. If there's a particular poet who serves as your inspiration, Verse by Verse will help you mimic their style — assuming they're one of the 22 authors offered by the tool.

Google introduced Verse by Verse on Monday, explaining that the tool is designed to 'augment' the creative process when creating a poem, not generate one from scratch. Users must input their first line, then tab to the next. Each additional stanza will produce several suggestions from the AI.

In our experimenting, the suggestions were often a bit nonsensical, but there's an inherent pattern that helps users dial in the poem's nature without too much work. Users can click a suggestion they like, then manually edit it in the tool.

Before starting the poem, users must choose their 'muse' from a list of popular poets, including the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and others. Users can give their poem a title and finalize it; there are options to save the poem as an image or copy the text.