Google unveils One Today charity app, makes giving easy

On Thursday, Google announced a new Android charity app initiative called One Today, which makes it easy for users to donate $1 to various causes every day. Rather than searching out different projects and donating to each individually, which can be as difficult as it is time consuming, the One Today app provides a new project every day, supplying all the relevant info needed.

For now, the app is only available through an invitation, which can be requested over at Once the limited pilot is over, we imagine the app will be freely available to everyone, but Google doesn't say when that will happen. The app is offered for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Phone, but during the limited pilot only the Android app is available.

Google has several of the projects available for review on the website, providing an example of the charities that users will support. Among those is a project that teaches children empathy, scholarships for students in Laos, Rhino protection, a tree-planting project in Kenya, and more. Non-profit organizations can register with the service to have their own project featured.

The project only allows the donation of $1 per project in a single day, but Google says that higher donations can be made via challenges to friends. All the projects featured through the app are part of the Internet giant's Google for Nonprofits, and specific projects cannot be selected, instead with projects being auto-offered based on past donations. To see answers to a host of other questions, head over to the project's FAQ page.

[via Google+]