Google unveils mobile device-controlled Super Sync Sports game

Google has unveiled a Chrome Experiment called Super Sync Sports, a side-scrolling game with colorful animation and simple, yet addictive sub-games: racing, cycling, and swimming. Instead of using your computer's controls to play, however, gamers sync and use their mobile device, using it as a controller, hence the game's name. You can check out a video of the game in action, as well as instruction on how to play yourself.

A tablet or a smartphone can be used, with a smartphone arguably being easier to use than a larger tablet. Syncing is achieved by using Chrome for Mobile/iPhone, so users will need to download and install it in order to play. Once installed, syncing the controller with the game is simple and straight forward. Up to four players can sync their devices and compete with each other.

Gamers need to go to on their laptop or desktop to pull up the game. After doing that, select a game, then turn on your mobile device. From Chrome for Mobile, visit and enter the code that appears on the computer screen. By doing this, the mobile device will sync with the browser game and begin to function as a controller.

After syncing, the gamers can then select an athlete to play as from the mobile device, then control the character via gestures on the touchscreen. Super Sync Sports works with Chrome version 15 and higher, Android 4 and higher, and iOS 4.3 and later. The game utilized HTML5, CSS3, and Canvas.

[via Google Blog]