Google turns 14 today, celebrates with cake doodle

If you've made your way to Google's homepage today, then you undoubtedly were greeted with a delicious-looking chocolate cake with 14 candles standing on top of it. Today is Google's 14th birthday. It's hard to believe that they've been around for that long, but the company has indeed made an insurmountable amount of progress since their inception.

Today actually isn't Google's real birthday, though. Work on the Google search engine goes back to 1996 when Stanford PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin began working together. The company wasn't incorporated until September 4, 1998. So really, we actually don't know what Google's actual birthday is.

Of course, the company has come a long way from being just a search engine. They now offer tons of different services over multiple platforms. They have their own mobile operating system, their own web browser, their own email service, their own social network, and even their own cloud storage system. What crazy new service could they possibly introduce next?

In any case, today's Google doodle is quite "cute" if I must say. If you stick around for a few seconds on the Google homepage, you'll see the candles being blown out and then all of sudden parts of the cake will begin to disappear as its being eaten. A few peaces are leftover to form the word "Google" on the cake's plate.

You can see how Google celebrated their past birthdays by watching the video below: