Google Translate is enlisting the help of the 'Community'

If you've used Google Translate, you know things sometimes get lost in translation. It's sometimes hard to know just what may work linguistically, so Google has created a Translate Community page to enlist your help. You can contribute your knowledge of language, and even give feedback about what Google may already be doing.

This dovetails into a recent Translate update, where users can suggest a different take on what Google offers up. Instead of simply making blind suggestions, Google wants you to feel like you're part of the team. From the blog post:

In the new community, you'll find options to help with a variety of things, including generating new translations and rating existing ones. Over time, you'll find more ways to contribute, as well as get more visibility into the impact of your contributions and the activity across the community. We will also localize Community pages to support your preferred display language. If you have feedback and ideas about improving and growing our community, we'd love to hear it so please don't hesitate to submit it via "Send feedback" link on the bottom of the page.

As Google pushes for more voice input on their software efforts, voice recognition and translation will be important. Translate should help both of those, and help Google learn native speaking as well as give us the proper translation.

Source: Google