Google trademarks Speedbook name with USPTO

Google has its fingers into everything it seems with one of the more popular operating systems for smartphones, book scanning projects, and all manner of other offerings. BNet reports that a trademark has surfaced that hints at the possibility of new hardware from Google.

You would think with the failure that was the direct sale of the Nexus One Google would me a bit gun shy about hardware right now. The trademark is for the name Speedbook. There is no indication that Speedbook is a tablet or a netbook in the trademark filing.

In fact, BNet updated the story and mused that the trademark could in fact have to do with the book scanning effort that Google is in the middle of. The vague Speedbook name could honestly go either way. I would not be surprised to see Google working on a tablet to fight the iPad and at the same time, I could see the name strapped to book scanning tech as well. That said there have been rumors swirling for a long time now that Google was working on a branded tablet, could Speedbook be its name?