Google to shutter Meebo services July 11

It's only been days since Google purchased the social platform Meebo. The purchase was announced June 4 and there was no official comment on exactly how much Google paid for the service. Speculation was that the Meebo purchase would result in a new way for people to chat using Google+.

The rumored purchase price for Meebo is $100 million. What Google wanted with the purchase was the technology and people behind the Meebo service. Word is now circulating that Google is beginning to shut down the company's various products starting on July 11. On that day, Meebo Messenger, Sharing on Meebo, and all of the Meebo mobile apps will be shut down.

The personnel and technology Google purchased with Meebo will be folded into the Google+ network. This might not be good news if you're a big fan and heavy user of Meebo. Google is giving anyone who is using the mobile apps and other services a month to download chat logs and sharing history. After the July 11 deadline, the information will be deleted, and it won't be available. The only product Meebo offers that will remain is the Meebo Bar.

[via Venturebeat]