Google to offer $1 million in security grants next year

When you upload files to the cloud, you expect them to be safe from prying eyes. Unfortunately, there are people out there that spend their time trying to break into servers just to access whatever is being stored inside. Google understands this, and that's why they're dedicating a huge chunk of money to people who want to keep their servers safe.

At the beginning of this year, Google launched their Vulnerability Research Grants program. This was a way to reward security researchers who spend time poking and prodding the various products Google has to offer, in the name of security. They've had their Vulnerability Reward Program going for some time now, but that only rewarded those who actually found vulnerabilities. The new grants were meant to help compliment that program.

The grant program was apparently so successful that the search giant has decided to dedicate another $1 million to security grants next year. This is in addition to the individual $20,000 bounty that they'll pay out to anyone who finds a qualifying issue with Google Drive.

If internet security isn't your specialty, you might not find this news to be of much relevance to you. However, simply knowing that Google is willing to put this kind of money on the line to independent researchers in the name of security should help you rest a little easier, knowing that your data is safe.

Source: Google