Google Teams With Fox News For Final Republican Debate

Google has teamed with Fox News Channel ahead of the final Republican debate. This is the last debate ahead of the 2016 primaries, and with this Google partnership, people will have a trio of new options for staying up to date on the details. Says Google, it is integrating three additional elements into the debate, including Google Trends data, questions from YouTube stars, and a new way to get info from candidates.

Among the new options comes an experimental feature that will put real-time content relevant to candidates and the debate directly in Google Search results. This content will include videos, long text, and photos, and will be a way for "candidates to share ideas and positions on issues they may not have had a chance to address during the debate," according to Google.

To see that content, users will have to search "Fox News debate" starting at 7PM EST during Thursday's debate. In addition, Google says it'll be highlighting "key insights" via Google Trends during the debate, things like rankings and hot questions about big subjects. There will also be polls.

Finally, three of YouTube's bigger "voices" will ask questions alongside debate moderators to get answers for various issues. Those interested will need to tune in starting at 7PM, while the prime time debate isn't set to kick off until 9PM EST.

SOURCE: Google