Google Street View spreads to 50 countries

It seems like only yesterday when Google Street View was only available in a small number of areas around the world, but now Google has announced that Street View has creeped its way into 50 countries, and the Street View cars have covered over 5 million miles of roadway — that's a lot of fuel.

Google launched Street View in 2007 in five cities in the US, but the service has spread to 50 countries, Hungary and Lesotho being to the two most-recent additions. The search giant also announced that they have expanded Street View coverage in Poland and Romania, as well as "other locations around the world."

Google says that today's update is also the "largest single update of Street View imagery" that the company has ever pushed out, and it includes both new and updated imagery for "nearly 350,000 miles of roads across 14 countries." Existing Street View coverage in France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand all received updates.

We're guessing that Google isn't stopping here, and we can expect more Street View updates to come in the future. Thanks to several new Street View additions, like the Street View Trike and the Trekker backpack, you can expect to explore off-road locations from the comfort of your own computer very soon.