Google Stars quietly released as new Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Previously dubbed "Google Stars," Google has quietly released to the public its new internet bookmark management plugin for Chrome, now known as simply "Bookmark Manager." Currently available through the Chrome Web Store, we say Bookmark Manager has quietly launched because there is yet to be an official announcement from Google, but the plugin seems to be working for many users who are running the latest version of Chrome.

As was discovered with previous hands-on time with Google Stars, Bookmark Manager offers a new way to save and store website links, completely replacing the default method in Chrome. Users can still bookmark a site with a single click, but where things get interesting is in allowing Google to automatically organize your bookmarks into categories and folders, eliminating that situation where a link gets buried and lost, never to be found again.

As is standard with all of Google's web products, Bookmark Manager will sync across your devices, as well as offer collection-wide search that analyzes more than just domain name and page title, but content as well. As for new features, you're now able to add a small text note when you bookmark a site, maybe something specific you want to remember about why you're saving that page, or anything beyond the typical bookmark snippet. These notes will also help keep search results relevant.

Much more noticeable is how bookmarks no longer appear as lists of text, but rather as a grid that includes an image and description with each bookmark, along with any notes you've added. If the auto organizing doesn't sound appealing, don't worry, as you can also choose to sort things your own way. Users can also choose to have certain bookmark folders be shared, thus allowing friends or coworkers access to those links.

VIA TechCrunch

SOURCE Chrome Web Store