Google Stadia now lets you buy games from a Chrome web browser

The one good thing about Google's strategy of rolling out Stadia features piecemeal is that you are assured that the service is still alive and kicking, despite the many setbacks and criticism it has encountered in just a few weeks. Of course, that also means that you're being kept at the edge of your seat, waiting when your favorite feature will be implemented. The latest update doesn't directly affect the service itself but makes life a little bit easier buy letting Stadia players browse and buy games on their desktop.

Previously, the only way for Stadia subscribers to see what games are available, much less buy them, is by picking up their phone and scrolling through relatively smaller screens. That's almost ironic given how Google has been pushing the platform as the device-agnostic future of gaming. Even more ironic is that you can't buy games from the Chromecast setup, despite Google's push to make that the recommended way to experience Stadia.

That, fortunately, changes today thanks to a rather short and unexpected Tweet. Stadia users can now open up their Chrome browser on their desktop computer and browse through the available games more comfortably on a bigger display. And, yes, you can buy games from the same web store as well.

Curiously, it's still not possible to buy games from Chromecast but that is somewhat a bit more understandable. The dongle and its software is quite simple and may not be able to take into account the security requirements of making purchases online. It's definitely not impossible but it may be taking Google more time to figure out how to do it properly.

Of course, the somewhat minor update isn't enough to satisfy some Stadia owners who are clamoring for more and bigger updates. It seems, however, that some of the biggest criticisms and flaws are being addressed quickly, which does speak well of this "gaming as a service" style of business.