Google Sky Map goes open source

Of all the apps that Google has launched over the years the only one I use on a consistent basis is Sky Map. My kids love to lie outside and look at the stars with Sky Map telling us what we are looking at. I was sad to learn that Google has opted to end major development of the app. The good news is that the app will go open source.

That means rather than simply dying off, at least Android geeks and other developers will have the chance to pitch in and keep the updates coming. If you have never used Sky Map, it's an application that makes backyard star gazing a snap. If you look up at the night sky and wonder what that bright object is this app will tell you.

Google is working with Carnegie Melon University, and students there will be directly continuing the development of the app. Whether or not Google ending development will be a good or bad thing for fans of Sky Map remains to be seen.

[via Android Community]