Google Shopping to offer more details in search results

Yep, it's that time of the year again. More than just the turkeys and family reunions, a lot of people in the US are looking forward to (or, conversely, dreading) the days that immediately follow as auspicious times to buy those gadgets you've been waiting all year to get your hands on. And at reduced prices even! To help you make more efficient use of your time waiting in line, Google is updating its Shopping experience this week to load more knowledge into your mobile device in preparation for the onslaught of like-minded shoppers.

Google Shopping has already been a way to quickly learn some details of a product when searching the web. This time around, it will offer you even more details to help you make that split-second decision. For one, it will tell you where the product is available and which stores still have it in stock, which is a handy piece of information to have to save time. And since product descriptions usually have one-sided and biased perspectives, Google Shopping will also offer to take you to customer reviews to help make up your mind, provided such review exist, of course. Presuming they're also objective.

For some items, especially gadgets, Shopping will now also let you take a 360-degree tour of the item in question. You can freely rotate a product around to view it from all angles if the provided photos aren't enough to do it justice.

Google believes that this year will be the most "mobile" shopping season yet, with many shoppers banking on their smartphones and tablets to get them through the madness. As early as now, shoppers are already on the hunt for Black Friday deals online. Curiously, it seems that a lot of those searches are concentrated in the east half of the country. To see more of those curious facts and figures, you can head on over to Google Shopping's blog. Apparently, gaming consoles are still the most trending items. But apparently, so are Ouija boards.

SOURCE: Google