Google Shopping redesign brings personalized homepage

Google has launched a redesigned Google Shopping experience in the United States, offering users a new homepage that is personalized with product suggestions, ways to continue shopping for previously explored items, and access to what Google refers to as common items the customer has previously ordered. Users are given multiple different purchasing options through Google Shopping.

Google announced the new Shopping experience on Thursday, explaining that users can now scroll through a homepage that is essentially designed like a news feed, but where one they can see different types of products, including things 'Inspired by' their Google Search history, as well as items they've previously bought and current deals from select stores.

This new design is available on both mobile and desktop devices for users in the US. In addition to offering personalized products on the new homepage, Google Shopping has also added price tracking capabilities. Users who are interested in a particular product can turn on the 'Price Track' feature for it.

When enabled, this tool will give the user alerts when the price on the item has dropped. The alerts are currently delivered as push notifications, but Google says that at some point in 'coming weeks,' it will also give users the option of receiving these price drop alerts via email.

Finally, the update also brings the ability to filter products to ones that are available at nearby stores, enabling shoppers to get the product they want as soon as possible. As expected, this feature is powered by Google Maps within Google Shopping. For times when getting something shipped is necessary or preferable, there's also the ability to buy directly from Google.