Google Sheets update adds offline editing

Shane McGlaun - Dec 12, 2013
Google Sheets update adds offline editing

Google has been trying to lure users away from the class dominating Microsoft Office productivity suite for a long time. One of the best tools that Google has to lure users away from Office is its free online alternatives. One of those alternatives is called Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet application aiming at users of Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets opens directly in a user’s browser and allows them to make all sorts of spreadsheets for personal or business use. Google has announced some nice upgrades to the Google Sheets product.

The updated version of Sheets simplifies the use of complicated formulas. The update also allows spreadsheets to support millions of cells. Performance has been improved with better speed when browsing through a list of all cells in a large spreadsheet.

The biggest improvement in the feature update comes in the form of support for offline use. Users of Google Sheets will now be able to edit worksheets offline. When they get back online, the edits will be synced automatically. Google also added function help that guides users as they start typing a formula.


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