Google Search will now related answers to questions you never asked

People giving unsolicited advice or trivia can sometimes be annoying. But when it comes to search, Google thinks it is enriching. Google Search has been offering these snippets of related answers, even related questions, for quite a while now and it is now expanding those features to include even more. All for the purpose of helping you discover more information that Google has stored and disappearing into the rabbit hole that is the Web.

Search's improved discovery features come in three parts. One is directly inside the Featured Snippets, the large card that shows an image and a smidgen of text that Google's algorithms deemed to be the best answer to your query. Now there will be even more images and, more importantly, more related searches shown. Just in case you needed to be distracted by a different but "completely relevant" search.

Even more "related" content will show up in the scrolling Knowledge Panels. Searching for skiing? How about some results on snowboarding. Of course, the suggestions won't be random but are picked to expand your knowledge of the general subject matter, and fill up whatever free time you have left for research.

Last but definitely not least, Search will also be showing off some AI chops. If you happened to be searching for A and then search for a related topic B, Google will then suggest searches related to A and B together. That's how you get Messi and Neymar in the same sentence.

These tweaks to Search all happen server-side, so you won't have to lift a finger to expand your world. Do be warned: it's a slippery slope. Wikipedia has been cursed for making people disappear into the Interwebs, and Google definitely has a lot more to offer (citation needed).

SOURCE: Google