Google Search new AR content lets kids learn while having fun

Faced with a new reality, the world seems to have gone into a development and creation spree to make new experiences that could be safely done inside the house. Many of those involved the passive consumption of content but a few have also been crafted to foster creativity and learning. Naturally, kids are one of the biggest audiences of these new experiences and, fortunately, Google is finally putting its previously dormant AR chops to good news to let kids learn new things without them even noticing they're actually studying rather than playing.

Some kids may think science classes can be boring, especially those that deal with the human body. That's mostly because a lot of traditional material revolves around static pictures in books or videos at best. Together with Biodigital, Google is bringing a wealth of AR content that will let users zoom in on the muscular system or circulatory system in ways that won't even be possible in today's classrooms.

And it's not just the human body that can be a wealth of information. The coronavirus may have piqued the interests of both kids and adults alike when it comes to the invisible world of microorganisms. And since none of us have powerful microscopes at home, Google partnered with Visible Body to recreate different kinds of cells for you to see and learn in the safety of your home.

And if you're the type that actually likes visiting museums, you don't have to risk your life or that of others just to expand your mind. In fact, you can even create your own museum at home by dropping 3D models here and there without having to worry about anyone tripping over them.

These educational experiences join Google's recent rollout of AR animals that have brought smiles and laughs to families everywhere. With more AR 3D objects to choose from, Google made a new carousel interface in Search to make it easier to pick out the ones you'd like to use. And when you're ready to share that unique arrangement with the world, a new recording option is now just a tap away.