Google Search gets realistic Jurassic World dinosaurs with AR

Google users on mobile can now experience a realistic dinosaur in their own environment using the Google Search app. With this new experience, Google offers AR dinosaurs based on the movie Jurassic World to let users experience the extinct creatures in an entirely new way — and, of course, using the smartphones they already own.

Have you ever wondered what a Tyrannosaurus Rex would look like in your backyard? A Triceratops on your front porch? A Velociraptor on your dining room table? Now you can know using the augmented reality experience from Google. The company says it teamed up with Universal Brand Development, Ludia, and Amblin Entertainment for the Jurassic World tool.

The Google Search augmented reality experience includes a total of 10 dinosaurs from the Jurassic World universe. You'll need a mobile device to access the dinosaurs, which can be found by first searching for the dino in Google Search, then tapping the 'View in 3D' option in the results.

Users can rotate the dinosaur and zoom in close to it, also projecting it into your own environment (digitally, of course) using the camera on your phone and augmented reality. Users on Android will also hear dinosaur roars and loud footsteps if they have the audio on their devices turned up.

The following dinosaurs are available through the mobile app experience:

- Tyrannosaurus Rex

- Velociraptor

- Triceratops

- Spinosaurus

- Stegosaurus

- Brachiosaurus

- Ankylosaurus

- Dilophosaurus

- Pteranodon

- Parasaurolophus

Fans can also check out this behind-the-scenes video that shows the work involved in creating one of these 3D digital dinosaur models: