Google reveals top 2020 searches and the results aren't surprising

It's that time of the year when Google reveals its top searches from the past 12 or so months, giving the public a look at what everyone around them was most interested in. This year's results aren't surprising, at all. In fact, you've already guessed what the top searches were about because you, too, were often searching for them.

Dominating the list is the search term 'Coronavirus,' and for obvious reasons. 'Election results' came in second in the Searches category, also taking first and second place in the News category. Google split up its search data into a variety of topics, such as athletes, games, concerts, actors, movies, people, and more.

It may have seemed like an eternity ago, but it's not really surprising that 'Tiger King' was the top search for TV shows; 'Parasite' took the top slot for Movies, while 'Among Us' and 'Fall Guys' were the two top searched Games. Digging into the other categories, Tom Hanks got the honor of being top search when it came to actors.

Perhaps more interesting are the top searches in the 'Recipes' category — it seems a lot of people were interested in 'Dalgona coffee' this year, a type of whipped latte made from instant coffee and popularized in South Korea. Taking second place was 'Ekmek' followed by sourdough bread and pizza.

As for 'People' category searches, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Trump didn't make the top five list — the honor went to Joe Biden, followed by Kim Jong Un, Boris Johnson, Kamala Harris, and (again) Tom Hanks. Ultimately, the Google Trends data provides an interesting look into what caught the public's interest during the pandemic; you can see it all for yourself here.