Google reportedly adds security guards to employee bus stops

Google has been the subject of some protesting ire in San Francisco in recent times, something that resulted in one company bus being vandalized via slashed tires and a rock being thrown through a window. It seems the tech giant has responded to this in the form of bus stop-located security guards, which keep roost at employees' bus stop in San Francisco's Mission District area, and possibly others.

Google has declined commenting on the matter, but reports have surfaced regarding men wearing plain clothes and ear pieces standing at one of the bus stops where Google employees board the company shuttle. These individuals reportedly don't board the shuttle, but instead remain present as the other company buses show up.

Witnesses have reported seeing one bus driver wave to one of the individuals, receiving a wave back, and another has been seen writing notes on a yellow pad. The men were approached and asked if they are security guards for Google, at which point one requested to see the asker's badge, and the other said no, though would not say who he was or where he worked.

It wouldn't be surprising to find Google has send out security detail at bus stops in light of the protests that have taken place in the city. In a statement to Reuters, the executive director of Corporate Security Services Inc., Ron Roth, said: "If they are having security at the bus stops it's probably only eyes and ears, and to act as liaison to the police, and probably not to take any action."

SOURCE: Business Insider