Google releases an Android TV app ... for iOS

You know what they say about TVs and strange bedfellows. No? Well, apparently Google didn't know about it either. Which is probably why it both expectedly and surprisingly released an iOS app that lets iPhone and iPad owners control an Android TV with a non-Android mobile device. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. Because while it is extremely hard to pry iOS users away from their iPhone or iPad, an Apple TV may not hold the same sway. Now Android TV has a chance to get into that living room as well.

Technically, an Android TV doesn't really need a smartphone to control it. Most come with a remote control or even a gamepad. That is, however, one additional accessory you'll need to get hold of. It also runs the risk of being lost. Your smartphone, however, is almost always in your hands. Goes doubly true for iPhone owners.

Now you won't have to let go of that iPhone just to control your Android TV. A huge d-pad occupies the center of the screen for more conventional controls, but you can also use the app to type in text or even search by voice. Using Google Now, not Siri, of course. even more fun, you can set up multiple remotes and smartphones so that you can have a local multiplayer gaming party in your living room.

Google has been increasingly playing nice with Apple's devices. Before this, it has made the Android Wear app available for iOS as well. Unsurprisingly, Apple isn't exactly returning the favor, except for the lone case of Apple Music. Whether that's a good thing or not, depends on which side of the fence you're on. As to why an Apple user would want to buy an Android TV, we leave that up for discussion.

Download: Android TV on iTunes App Store