Google Reader social sharing features moved to Google+

If you are a heavy user of the Google RSS application Google Reader, you may or may not like the most recent change to Google Reader. The old social sharing feature of Google Reader has been killed off and now to share socially requires Google+. To share content socially the user of Google Reader will now be required to get a Google+ account.

The big catch is if you use some sort of nickname on Google Reader you will have to use your real name on Google Plus. That can be a big problem for those that like to share under a different name than they were given. That sticking point may change in the future since Google has been saying for a while now that it would allow nicknames on Google+.

The search giant hasn't said when it will make the move to allow nicknames though so it could be next week or next year. Some users aren't happy about the Google Reader changes. Users in areas where they can get in trouble with local authorities for sharing content against the government, such as Iran, have complained vocally about the change to forcing real names. The sharing of content on Google Reader will now be done with the +1 button.

[via PC World]