Google quiz tests your ability to spot phishing scams

Eric Abent - Jan 22, 2019, 3:11 pm CST
Google quiz tests your ability to spot phishing scams

Phishing should be a concern of everyone using the internet, but it isn’t always easy to spot malicious attachments and links. In fact, it can be quite difficult, as the unsavory folks of the world have become quite adept at covering their tracks and making everything seem legitimate. That much is made obvious in a new quiz from Jigsaw and Google, which tests your phishing know-how.

The eight question quiz first tasks you with coming up with a name and an email address – either real or fake – to add an air of realism to it. Once you do that, you’re then taken through a series of scenarios that present you with various email messages and the links they contain. Ultimately, you’ll need to examine the messages for clues that what you’re looking at might be a phishing attempt.

Present in each of those items are telltale signs of such an attempt, but they’re easy to miss if you don’t look closely. After answering a question, you’ll see an explanation of why the message was either legitimate or an example of phishing, so if you don’t know how to spot phishing links when you see them, this could be a good way to learn what to look for.

If you get dinged a couple of times while answering questions, take heart. As the quiz points out multiple times while you’re taking it, you’re definitely not the only one to fall victim to phishing attempts. In fact, the quiz even takes inspiration from real-world scams that have fooled politicians and corporations alike.

You can take the quiz over on Jigsaw’s website, but unfortunately, it offers the same eight questions for every attempt, so it’s really only good for one run through. Be sure to head down to the comments section and let us know how you did – are you a master at spotting bogus links and login request, or have you resolved to just never open another email again?

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