Google Podcasts gets RSS feed support for access to premium shows

Google Podcasts, the app that has steadily grown from a basic offering to one that can meet most users' needs, has added its biggest feature to date: support for RSS feeds. This is an important addition as it enables users to directly subscribe to the podcasts they can't otherwise access in the app, including private ones from creators they directly support.

Though a huge number of podcasts as directly available in Google Podcasts, the app doesn't include the premium subscriptions you may pay for through different platforms. With other apps, you could access those shows by adding their RSS feed; until now, Google Podcasts lacked that feature.

As demonstrated in the tweeted videos above, users can access the subscriptions option under the 'Activity' menu. When in subscriptions, you'll need to tap the triple-dot menu button, then select 'Add RSS feed.' From there, you can manually paste the URL for the podcast you want to access, bringing it into the app with the other shows you follow.

The feature will be most useful to users who subscribe to a premium podcast show through an external platform; these may, for example, be published on the Patreon platform for supporters. Payment typically gets subscribers access to exclusive shows, which usually means having to either access the episodes through the show's own dedicated app or using an RSS feed.

This, of course, helps creators as well by making it easier for their listeners to get access to the premium content in the apps they already use. With this addition, Google Podcasts has officially become a major option for podcast fans, adding what many consider a standard feature — one still not available on all podcast platforms, giving Google a competitive edge.