Google Play Store loaded on Windows 10 Mobile claim hackers

One of the biggest downsides to going with Windows as the operating system for your mobile phone is that the app store for Windows devices is much smaller than the stores for Apple and Google products. Fewer apps mean less cool games and other content to enjoy. XDA hackers are making a very interesting claim, according to the hackers; they were able to side-load the Google Play Store onto Windows 10 Mobile.

Previously hackers were able to side-load Android packages for Google Play Services to Windows 10 devices but those packages lacked the permissions needed to run. A hacker going by the name Karov_mm claims to have been able to elevate permissions to get side-loaded files to run.

The elevated permissions were reportedly made possible using chmod and shell. Using the files, the hacker claims that the Google Play Services and Google Play store are working on the Windows 10 mobile device.

It's still unclear for now if the store running means that apps run as well. It would be a nice boost to Windows 10 mobile if you could load Windows apps and run them on the device. That might help sales of Windows 10 mobile devices currently a distant runner up from Android and iOS in the smartphone wars.

SOURCE: WMpoweruser