Google Play Store dark mode is finally here and optional

What once may have been a fad is now one of the most expected features on any mobile platform and even desktops. It may still be debatable how much darkness is needed or how truly effective it might be, but Dark Mode support for apps is often requested or even expected to be there from day one. Despite Android 10 actually getting the feature, Google has been a bit slow in pushing it out to its own apps on other versions of Android. The latest to get that is Google Play Store and, fortunately, it isn't being forced on anyone.

Prior to this rollout, however, Google Play Store's dark mode was actually already available but only on Android 10. Furthermore, and this might have been a point of contention for some users, it automatically adjusted to whether the entire system is using dark mode or not, leaving users with no choice to disable or enable it regardless of the system-wide theme. In other words, users have had no choice on the matter.

Some might argue about the reasons for having a dark Google Play Store on a light-themed phone or vice-versa, but having a choice doesn't really hurt. Fortunately, Google thinks so, too, and has finally added a toggle that lets anyone choose between the Light or the Dark side. Or, for those who don't want to have to choose, simply use the System default and let the theme or circumstances decide.

Users are reporting that the option is available for both Android 10 and Android 9 Pie. As always, the rollout is in waves and may or may not yet reach your phone. The update also happens in the background so there's little indication when it will arrive other than checking for the option.

Google's rollout not only of dark mode but optional dark mode has been rather slow, much to the dismay of users. Gmail, for example, does have dark mode but only on Android 10 and there is no way to turn it off when you feel like burning your eyes with its overly white theme.